It’s no secret that eating fruit and veggies is a great way to pack your body with essential nutrients and try new tastes without adding too many calories to your meals. However, incorporating fruit and veggies into your daily diet isn’t always easy, considering that fresh produce isn’t always available on the market. Thus, as an alternative, many people opt to shop for frozen smoothie packs.

Frozen smoothie packs are among the easiest ways you can add multiple colours and nutritious additions to your meals without worrying about purchasing fresh products all the time. You only have to stock them in your freezer, and they can last for a few days or weeks. Plus, because the fruit or veggies used to create pre-made smoothies are frozen at peak ripeness, you can guarantee that they have excellent nutritional value and still taste just as amazing as fresh produce.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind when it comes to shopping for frozen smoothie packs. Here are five tips to guide you.

  1. Opt for plain frozen fruit and veggies

When choosing frozen smoothie packs on the market, check the list of ingredients first. That way, you can avoid buying the ones with added artificial sauces and sweeteners, which are often unhealthy. Preferably, opt for the ones with plain ingredients (e.g., fruit only, vegetable only).

If you wish to add flavour to your frozen smoothie, you can add spices or herbs yourself during preparation. Buying plain frozen fruit and vegetables is much cheaper compared with the ones that are heavily flavoured. Plus, plain frozen smoothie packs also allow you to customise the ingredients that will suit your nutritional preferences and taste.

  1. Go for colour

Just like how you shop for fresh fruit or veggies, colours also matter when shopping for frozen smoothie packs. Frozen smoothie packs rich in colour often have higher concentrations of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants than their fresh counterparts. This means your body can get more antioxidants and other nutrients from colourful frozen smoothie packs. For example, orange frozen vegetables like carrots or peppers are rich in Vitamin A which is known to boost eye health and strengthen your immune system. Yellow, frozen fruit like mango, pineapple, or passionfruit create a gold punch frozen smoothie pack. An acai berry frozen smoothie pack will give you that lovely deep colour that tells you the contents are of high-quality. All these can be perfect for breakfast or snacks.

You may also check out some frozen smoothie pack recipes online for more ideas on which frozen smoothie packs to try.

  1. Check the prices

Generally, people think that the more expensive the product is, the better and the higher quality it’ll be. However, it may not be the same when shopping for frozen fruit packs for smoothies. The thing is, frozen smoothie packs with higher prices tend to have more ingredients and additives incorporated in them. Meanwhile, a plain frozen smoothie pack is much cheaper. So, keep it simple and opt for the ones with fewer ingredients. After all, less is more.

  1. Always take note of the packaging and how it’s sealed

How frozen smoothie packs are packed and sealed can make a huge difference in the products’ quality, longevity and freshness. When buying frozen smoothie packs, look for individually sealed serving-size packages. Individually packed frozen smoothie packs are more likely to stay fresh longer and retain their nutritional value.

Furthermore, the bag must be firm and not limp, sweating or soaking wet. Otherwise, it’ll let the frozen product thaw. The exterior of the bag should have no visible ice crystals or stains, as staining can be a sign that the frozen produce is already thawed and refrozen.

Lastly, you need to check that the frozen product is correctly sealed. Otherwise, the air can easily enter the pack, which will spoil the frozen fruit or vegetable inside. Usually, you can tell that a frozen product isn’t properly sealed if the fruit or vegetable inside is already looking dry, grey and leathery.

  1. Study the labels

After checking the packaging, as with anything you consume, have a good look at the label. A trustworthy frozen smoothie pack seller will have the nutritional value of their products’ contents pasted onto the packs. This helps you choose well which packs to pick up based on your nutritional needs or preference.

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt that with frozen smoothie packs, filling your table with nutritious options is now made easier. Now that you know how to buy frozen smoothie packs, you can go shopping today and fill your freezer with healthy, frozen smoothie packs for more convenient preparation and, of course, a healthful diet.


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